• Last Saturday, I went home from my course. As usuall, and I took hibbi home.
After driving Hibbi home, on the way I passed by Gabahan village, it was so stronge because the situation was so quite. I didn’t pay attention at all, I rode on my motorcycle fast so that I could get home ontime. I was worried wheter my mom was upset to me. Suddenly, two boys rode on a motor cycle passed me by. They didn’t move a side. Then, I passed my motorcycle bell. Yet they didn’t move a side. Finally I took over them. To me surprise, they ran after me. It was so afraid and shocked they kept follow me. So, I decided to drive near the police station. Then, I reported to the police officer about what had happened to me. Thanks god they helped me by driving me home. And the two boys didn’t follow me again.
Finally, when I got home, I told my mom about my experience. She was so worry and hugged me. Thanks god I was safe. From then, I always went home through main road.

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